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What does contracted power (potencia) mean?

This is the number of kilowatts (kW) you have in your supply and determines how many electrical devices you can have connected at a time. It basically refers to how much power you can be using at once. A price is billed for each kW contracted and for each day, regardless of whether you have consumed energy.

This is the price that you pay for the contracted power being supplied to your installation. It is set at a fixed price, and it is not related to your usage. The amount you pay for your contracted power is always shown on your electricity bill.

It is calculated by multiplying the contracted power by the days of the billing period and by the daily price of the power term. Please note that the price listed in the contract is an annual price.

The optimum contracted power depends on the needs of your home. Based on your consumption history we can advise you and recommend the power that best suits your consumption habits.

It is important to know that changing the contracted power can entail a cost, established by law, with normally only one power change per year allowed.

Should you wish to increase or decrease your contracted power, feel free to contact our customer service team and we can help you with this. Call us on (+34) 900 696 820.