How to change the title holder on your account?

In case you want to change the title holder on your account with Energy Nordic for any reason, here is what you need.

There are numerous reasons why you might want to change the contract holder of your Energy Bill. Whether you have sold your property, new tenants are moving in or you just want another person to be the title holder of the account, we can help you make this change. 😊

Initially, the customer is requested to contact Energy Nordic by the means they prefer, telephone or email, to send the request for a change of the title holder of the account to the company.

If it is concerning a rented property, the owner must complete this authorisation form that you find here if you want to change the title holder.  Or click here if you just want to change the payment details and maintain the contract in your name. Then Energy Nordic will initiate the process so that this is possible and the following information will be requested from the client:

  • Copy of the NIE / DNI / TIE of the new owner.
  • Copy of the bank account number.
  • Landlord´s Authorization.

In case of transfer of title holder and change of company, the previously mentioned will be needed and also:

  • Copy of the invoice of the previous holder.

If a home sale was made, all of the above is required and also:

  • Copy of the deed of sale. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate in asking us, we are here from Monday to Friday from 9  am to 5 pm, to help you.