Telephone scams to change your electricity company. How to avoid being a victim of this fraud?

There are several ways in which they deceive users, they offer illogical discounts, pretend to be their current marketer, saying that the contract has expired, offer social bonuses; trying to confuse people and induce them to accept the deal.

How to avoid being a victim of this fraud? 

  • Do not give out your data unless you are very sure that you want to change companies. 
  • Before agreeing to anything, ask for a written document, read everything well, especially the name of the company that proposes the change, it may not be yours, and confirm that you have understood it. 
  • Review all bills. If you see the name of a new company, immediately call your old supplier. 
  • Make it very clear when you do not want to hire an offer. Say NO. Sometimes, a mere receptivity to the information offered can be “interpreted” by the operator as consent. 
  • There are cases where someone misleads the user by pretending to be the representative of the current company and asking if they are interested in a new plan. Be careful when answering. A “YES” from you can be recorded and used as proof that the change was accepted. 

In case of doubt, it is always best to contact the Reference Marketer by phone to verify the information provided by the person who called you.

If you were our client and you got switched please read this article.