How does the Customer Postal work?

Customer Portal is a page specifically for customers that want to file a new ticket or see the progress/status of previous tickets.

On this page, every person will have to Register if it is their first time at the Portal or Log in to their already existing account.

Once logged in, the customer will be able to see all the tickets they have ever submitted alongside the respective ID, Subject, the created date, the last activity, and the Status of their tickets.

Inside each specific ticket, the customer is able to see every message between the client and the customer representative. They can also send another email/message if they want to, as well as, to see all the previously mentioned information.

In case the client/customer wants to file a new ticket, they just have to go to the top part of the page where it says, “File a Support Ticket”, and click there.

And this page will automatically open:

Here, they must fill out the requirements such as First Name, Last Name, Customer ID and Email for us to be able to identify them as a client; and then, they would need to name their ticket as they seem most convenient, as well as filling the Ticket Description box with their enquiry, trying to be the most specific about it as they can.

After that, they just need to press the Submit button and one of the customer service representatives will answer as soon as they can.