What to do if you have been switched by mistake?

There continues to be warnings that some energy supplier companies make calls to users who are not their clients to get them to change companies.

It depends on whether you become aware of it before or after the 14th day from the moment the consent was given by phone to the new offer. Before the 14th it is very simple. Simply withdraw from the offer received. The law guarantees the consumer the possibility of withdrawing from any remote commercial offer in the first two weeks without having to justify anything.

After 14 days, things get complicated because it depends a lot on the type of contract to which consent has been given and, in some cases, it is difficult to prove that deception has occurred. One of the most common problems is that people realize when the first invoice arrives and it has already been more than 14 days since the consent by phone.

The ways to make a claim:

  1. First of all, if you are affected by these practices, you must file your claims with the marketer who made the change without your consent. In the event that the claim is not resolved and if the marketer that supplied you is a reference or last-resort marketer, you can subsequently claim before the corresponding body of the Autonomous Communities. The details of the different ways of claiming can be found here in the case of electricity contract transfer without authorisation and here in the case of gas.
  2. Another option is to go to the Municipal Consumer Services Offices (OMICs) and the Consumer and User Organizations.
  3. But in addition to the above possibilities, you can file a complaint with the CNMC.

Also, there have been several cases of people who do not even receive phone calls or give their data to another company and still get changed without their consent. These people do not realize the change until they notice that they stop receiving their usual electricity bill and it is since that moment that they begin to distrust.