Energy Nordic App

We introduce our new mobile application available for all devices.

Everything you need to manage your energy bills is in your pocket - anytime, anywhere. Easy, fast and convenient navigation and management of your contracts and payments at the touch of a button.

A native app for all platforms. With an all-new design and powerful features, the Energy Nordic app gives you a complete overview of your bills and contracts.

The app is available for iOS and Google Play.

If you have trouble downloading the app or your device says the app is not available in your region, it's because you've set your Appstore or Google Play account configuration for a different country.

Here you have the instructions on how to change this configuration so that it is set in Spain:

(Please note that if you have an Android device or a Google Play account you can only make one country/region change every 12 months).


To access the app, you just need to use the same username and password as is used for MyPage.

The username will be the NIE / CIF / DNI for the title holder of the contract and the password connected to that login.
If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it using this link here by clicking "I forgot my password", or you can also reset the password on the login screen for the app, just click the link that says "Have you forgotten your password?"
The password reset email will be received at the same email address you receive your Energy Nordic bills.