How to register with I-DE Distribucion

Guide to register with distributor I-DE, to be able to monitor consumption.

The site will be in Spanish, but you can use Google Chrome to translate the site to English.


1. Go to I-DE’s site, and “Sign up” on the right site.

2. Choose to “register as customer”:

You need this to sign up:

Your CUPS number (can be found at the last page of your Energy Nordic bills)

Mobile number, preferably Spanish

Email address

Copy of NIE


3. Type in CUPS number and NIE number


4. Choose “advanced Profile and upload a photo of your NIE

5. Enter email and phone number.


6. Create a password


7. You will then receive an email; click on “Enviarme SMS”. You will receive a 6-digit pin code to your mobile phone via a text message.


Enter this pin code on the website which will have opened from the link in your mail.


8. You should now be successfully registered. You will soon receive a confirmation email that you are now registered and can now login to view your consumption.


Once logged in:


Use this link to login with your new login details:

1. On the left site you can then choose “consumption” to view your consumption.


2. From the front page you can also download their app for your phone